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how to find freelance telecom jobs during covid-19



  • Perry Yates

    I think tweets about recruiting in the caption might help finding freelance work in the telecom industry. It is now very popular to post short tweets with vacancies there, given the huge audience of this service around the world. Last week I saw a couple of hundred of these tweets looking for employees for completely different areas of employment and I noticed that most of these tweets were posted by accounts that were followed by almost 52 thousand people! I am sure the owners of these accounts have repeatedly used services in order to wind up subscribers on Twitter.

  • Harry Mary

    Thanks for this informative post. He will help many employers hire good freelance telecom jobs during covid-19. Personally, I will add that another recruitment method is gaining popularity now, this is the publication of posts with vacancies on Instagram. Don`t forget about help of to increase their amount.


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